House Washing

Supreme Pressure Washing specializes in residential house washing and is equipped to professionally clean the exterior of any size home.  Your front porch and mailbox are always included in the price, as we leave no job unfinished!  

When cleaning your home, we will use our Soft Washing technique to safely and gently apply cleaning solutions, removing all of the mold, dirt, pollen, algae, and mildew that builds up on everything in Eastern North Carolina.  Check out our before and after pictures to see how our proven cleaning method restores exterior surfaces to their natural beauty.

Although we don’t plan on needing it, Supreme Pressure Washing carries $1,000,000 in liability insurance to put our customer’s mind at ease.  It is smart to only hire insured workers in order to protect yourself and your investments, and we want to make you feel comfortable while working on your property.  So sit back, relax, and let our insured professional do the dirty work! 

Deck Washing

Your deck is an extension of your home and we want you to enjoy it!  

Supreme Pressure Washing is able to restore your deck to its natural color and remove the unsightly mold and mildew that builds up over time.  Check out our before and after pictures and call us today so that you can enjoy your deck again!

Staining your deck soon?  Call Supreme Pressure Washing and ask us about cleaning your deck first!  We recommend cleaning the surface before applying stain so that mold and mildew doesn't get trapped underneath.  If mold is not properly removed prior to staining, the stain will discolor or peel sooner.  Call Supreme Pressure Washing and lets do it right from the beginning! 

Concrete Washing

Does your driveway and sidewalk need to be cleaned?  Supreme Pressure Washing has commercial grade equipment that will leave concrete looking new!  

Check out our before and after pictures and see the difference that a clean driveway and sidewalk can make on your home’s appearance and curb appeal.

Add concrete cleaning services when getting your house, fence, or deck washed and receive a discounted price! 

Fence Washing

Does your fence look moldy or gray?  Supreme Pressure Washing can help restore your fence to its natural appearance and get rid of the mold!

If you are staining your fence, call Supreme Pressure Washing to clean the surface before applying the fresh coat of stain.  Mold trapped under the new stain will continue to grow, and can create discoloration or pre-mature fading if not properly removed.  

Call us today for a free fence cleaning estimate, or add fence washing onto any other service for a package price!    

Gutter Cleaning & Debris-Removal 

When gutters or downspouts are full of debris, water can back up into the fascia board or under roofing shingles, causing expensive and unnecessary damage to your home.  Supreme Pressure Washing can remove the built up debris from your gutters and downspouts, leaving them clean and able to direct water away from your roof or home’s foundation.  

Do you have black stripes on the outside of your gutters and tried everything to remove them without success?  This is a problem often referred to as “Tiger Striping” and can only be removed with specific cleaning detergents that are applied by hand.  Supreme Pressure Washing’s gutter cleaning service will remove the unsightly stripes and leave your gutters looking new again!  

***Supreme Pressure Washing will provide Gutter Debris-Removal services for FREE to injured or disabled veterans when combined with any of our other services***   

Commercial Services 

Property Managers and Business Owners:

How does the entrance to your business, town home, or duplex look?  Call Supreme Pressure Washing and receive a free estimate for store front cleaning, concrete washing, or even shopping cart disinfectant!  Supreme Pressure Washing has a wide range of cleaning solutions that we are sure can satisfy all of your business cleaning needs.  Call us for a one-time service or set up a monthly, quarterly, or annual cleaning schedule for a discounted rate.  

We offer services for:

Retail Stores
Office Buildings
Strip Malls
Industrial Complexes